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Wedding Day

A wedding is a once in a lifetime......

Find inspiration for your wedding. Wedding planning is a huge task. We can help 


Your wedding day is always something special

Your wedding day is always something special. Then make sure to make it special. When you are getting married you should pick a festive theme for your wedding. Having a themed wedding adds interest to your special day. Decide early and inform your guests with custom invitations reflecting your theme. Ask them to dress the part. Make the theme be anything you ever dreamed.

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. If you have a good set of tips and a lot of knowledge about the process it can seem less and less intimidating and more like something you can get a handle on. This article is full of great tips and tidbits that will make your planning life much easier.

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Wedding Reception

Choose your reception venue with the guests in mind. If your family is mostly elderly then you aren’t likely to choose a location with a lot of stairs, or a big dance floor. If you have anyone in your family who is handicapped then you should ensure that the venue knows they’re coming and will make everything accessible to them.

Relatives are sure to lay on the peer pressure with suggestions, ideas and especially family traditions, but remember that your wedding day belongs to you and no one else. You should just thank them but make sure they know that you are your spouse are calling the shots. This way, your wedding day will have good memories for you, and not one filled with

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A wedding is a once in a lifetime

Try to incorporate interests from both the groom and the bride when decorating. For example, if both enjoy traveling, then include little decorative touches that are reminiscent of their travels. Their are artistic ways to make wedding invitations distinct, so that they reflect the couple’s personalities and interests. Perhaps use an old, leather suitcase as a display case for the programs and families involved in the wedding.

When sending out your wedding invitations, remember that it is your day, so avoid any person or combination of people that will ruin it in any way for you. It may be an insult to someone not to be invited, but if having them at your wedding will cause even the slightest of issues for you or your future spouse, it is really in your best interest to keep them off your guest list.

wedding flowers
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Real weddings

When planning your wedding, you should choose a location that will make the wedding memorable and special for you. You do not necessarily have to hold your wedding in a church like everyone else. You can choose to have a beach wedding, a wedding on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or a wedding right in your backyard. Pick a place that will make the event feel that much more special, and look great in pictures!

Make sure that you choose a wedding dress that is right for your figure. Full figured women tend to go for dresses that are either too tight or create an even fuller appearance. Stay away from tulle dresses that extend too far out. Smaller figured people can make a great impression in a sweetheart neckline with a full skirt. Make sure that you look your best by trying on lots of dresses before you buy.

If you’re going to be photographing a wedding, make sure to visit the location where the wedding will be held so you know what angles will be available to you and what barriers might get in your way.

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