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Ever since acquiring our new Nikon D1 professional digital camera in January, which was an $8,000+ investment, and our pair of Kodak Professional Dye-Sublimation Color Photo Printers, another investment, we have the ability to produce digital photo prints that hold their own with the best film based prints. Digital also let’s us see the results of what we have captured immediately.

When I leave the reception, I know for certain that I’ve got the good digital images that are required to be able to deliver the type of coverage that today’s smart brides require. It makes my job a lot less stressful to know this.

I have even more control over my images with this digital camera than the Hasselblads gave me with film. On our digital camera, I can used computer controlled 3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash, where I can’t do that on the film cameras. (This makes the flash photo look much more naturally lit than with regular flash.) (I just shake my head and smile in disbelief when I see this flexibility in action and the quality it produces!!!

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During the reception, I flip open my laptop, upload the digital camera images and let the bride, groom, wedding party and the wedding guests see all the digital images that I’ve taken during the wedding day in a looping “slide show style” display. The bride and groom get to see them while they eat their meal at the head table…now, that’s living! Let me tell you, it is one of the highlights of the reception. Everyone enjoys it. Once the slide show is set up and running, I usually leave it running for everyone to enjoy during the course of my coverage and whenever there is a lull in the coverage, I upload all the new images I’ve taken since the last upload.

How important is it to have digital camera backup of your wedding memories?

Nobody likes to think (or be reminded) of what can happen when disaster strikes your wedding photos, but consider this: without digital camera coverage even the absolute best wedding photographer in the world doesn’t have anything worth having until their wedding film has been successfully developed and returned! If the pro lab screws up the developing of their film or their film gets lost in transit, all their hard work and creativity is down the drain and that professional photographer has absolutely nothing to fall back on…no rabbits out of the hat this time…you’re just flat out of luck. Sorry! they’ll say.

However, with the digital camera coverage, the finished order can be printed into beautiful 8×10 photographs from the digital camera images and the day (and your precious wedding memories) are saved from being lost forever! (“Many members {full time professional studio photographers} have had the kind of experience I described. Either film being lost or problems at a lab ,”a Professional Photographers of America official told me recently by email when I was inquiring about whether the PP of A Indemnification Trust covers lab mistakes or film lost in transit…it doesn’t!)

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The most a lab will usually do if it screws up your film is give you an equal amount of unexposed film…boy, that really helps! Without digital backup at great expense, the wedding could possibly be “restaged for pictures”, but you still would not have any images of your actual event, would you?… No, just photos of the recreation, all without the feeling and spontaneity of the real moments as they actually unfolded. The trouble is that very few full time professional photographers are bothering to use digital camera backup!

Brides are always telling me that their wedding day went by in a blur and that is the reason my wedding photos are so very important to them. They rely on my photos to help them unblur their wedding day’s memories, so that they can enjoy and cherish them forever.

As you can see, when I photograph your wedding, you have one extra assurance that your photos will come out great than you’ll probably get from any other photographer you might consider choosing to photograph your wedding. If I was a bride looking for a good wedding photographer, that alone would be reason enough for me to want to hire the photographer that was willing to take this extra step to assure me that my beautiful wedding photos would come out great!